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Mailtips in exchange 2010

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Let us now discuss about interesting and useful feature of Exchange 2010, MailTips!

Mail tips are messages, rather informative messages displayed to the user(who composes the email) while they composing it.

 In some situation we think to send out emails for auto response to know whether the user(recipient) is on leave or out of office etc, am I right? Mail tips gives you a way around for this. This small article will give you a little lights on the same.


For e.g. below mail tip shows the Out of Office reply.


With the help of the information provided by MailTips, senders can adjust the message they're composing to avoid undesirable situations or non-delivery reports (NDRs).

Whereas the e.g. below shows a custom message(Custom Mailtip) which has been set for one of the users


 Note - Custom mail tip can be configured via the Exchange Control Panel . This is useful when a user requests administrator to set OOO message in case a users are in emergency leave and they are not in a position to access and set OOO for their mailboxes.

How to configure mail tips in exchange 2010

Mailtips are enabled by default. We can use the Get-OrganizationConfig see the current settings, the output of the command shows below.


Similarly the mailtips can be enabled or disabled by using the exchange powershell command Set-OrganizationConfig. Let us see few mailtip Set command to understand how it works. We can enable or disable the mailtip also we can narrow down to change the settings for MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold, MailTipsMailboxSourcedTipsEnabled, MailTipsAllTipsEnabled etc using the command Set-OrganizationConfig.

Few examples are listed below.

Below command used for enabling and disabling the mailtips.

Set-OrganizationConfig –MailTipsAllTipsEnabled $true

We can modify the default settings for each parameter of mailtips using the same command. Let us modify the value for MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold to 100 from its default value of 25.

Set-OrganizationConfig –MailTipsLargeAudienceThreshold 100



Note- You cannot use the Exchange 2010 EMC for configuring the mail tips, you will have to use the Exchange Management Shell for the same. However you can use the Exchange Control Panel for configuring/updating the custom mail tips, this will be discussed in next post.

Hope this was useful for a kick start in Exchange 2010 Mailtips!


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