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Archive Mailbox on Different Database - 2010 SP1

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As you all know that Microsoft has introduced the Personal Archiving solution with the release of Exchange 2010, one of the much talked about the features in exchange 2010 feature. But when we create it the personal archive mailbox is also resides in the same database as the mailbox is in till SP1 released. Now with the exchange 2010 SP1 you have the option of pointing the archive mailbox to a different database. See more Exchange 2010 SP1 Improvements.

Now, let us see how we can create/move the archive mailbox to a different database in Exchange 2010 SP1. Before creating or moving the archive mailbox to a different mailbox database we need to ensure that both the mailbox databases are on SP1. There are two scenarios; one is creating an Archive mailbox and moving and existing Archive mailbox.

Create Archive Mailbox on Different Database:

I have selected a mailbox which does not have an archive mailbox present. Then right click on the mailbox selected and click on "Enable Arhive..."

 Enable Archive Mailbox

Now, we have to select the database where the Archive mailbox has to reside in as shown in below figure.

 Archive Mailbox Database

Verify the mailbox property, now you can see that the Archive mailbox is created on a different mailbox. See below.

 Archive Mailbox Database Path

 Move Archive Mailbox to Different Database:

If we already have the Archive mailbox created for a particular mailbox, we can follow the below steps to move the archive/user mailbox to different database.

Right click on the User Mailbox that would like to move the Archive/User mailbox to different database and click on “New Local Move Request…”.

New Local Move Request - Archive Mailbox

Select the target mailbox database and specify what to move.


Note – If you want to set any move settings like ignore corrupt emails etc, set it on “Move Settings” stage of the move request and then finish the activity. A successful move will give you the result somewhat like below.

Archive Mailbox Successful Movement


We can also move the archive mailbox using the Management Shell commands. One such command is,

Get-Mailbox “Praveen Balan” | New-MoveRequest -ArchiveOnly –ArchiveTargetDatabase Database-Level-01

So with Exchange 2010 SP1(currently only evaluation version) plan your database design. 


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