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Create and Activate Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 Account

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Follow the below simple steps create and activate blackberry enterprise service 10 account. The process 2 stages as usual, i.e. creation of account in BES 10 server (console), and activating on the Blackberry 10 device.

Steps to create (add) the account on Blackberry Enterprise Service 10 (BDS).

1. Logon to Blackberry Adminstration Console (Blackberry Device Service)

2. On the left pane, locate "Profiles" and expand

3. Click on "Create an Email Profile"

4. Enter the Person Name in the "Name" text box and select the "Type" as "Active Sync" (only one option)


5.Click on Continue and Enter your "Server Name" (in my case it is CAS array name)


6. Click on "Save" at the bottom of the wizard.

7. Now Expand User menu in the left pane and Click on Create

8. Search for the User and Add the user similar to the BES 5.0 process

9. Click the User and navigate the Email profile tab and select the Email profile created.

Once you finish the above steps, you can activate the BB account on a Blackberry 10 device.Follow the below steps to activate the Blackberry account on device.

Steps to activate the account on Blackberry 10 device.

1.On the home screen, Open “Settings"

2.Open Accounts

3.Tap on Add Account

4.Tap on ‘Email, Calendar and Contacts’ options

5.Enter the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tap on ‘Next’

6.On the next screen Enter the Activation Password provided by IT Administrator

7.The device will ask for the “Work” password, only applicable to access your business applications. Enter password for e.g. ‘bbpwd’ and tap ‘Next

Note – Work password needs to be provided to open the Business Emails and Applications only. So do not select device password option, and if you select to set is as device password then you will have to provide this password each time when you unlock your Blackberry device.

The activation process will now configure your work profile on Blackberry device by contacting the server policies.

8.Next screen Enter your business email password (Your Company email Password) and tap Save

The process of activating your device is finished now. The device will now start syncing with server for data and the sync process can take several minutes depends on the server data and the internet connection speed of your device.

 Hope it helped you to activate your first Blackberry Enteprise Service account on your Blackberry Device.


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