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Recovery Installation of a DAG Member with Multi Roles – Exchange Server 2010

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In this post I will cover the recovery installation steps for a failed/crashed DAG member server with multi role (the same steps can also be used if you wish to change the hardware). I have tried tried to include almost every possible points which can occure during the recovery of mutil role DAG member recovery on Exchange Server 2010.

Few of the steps mentioned in the below steps can be performed initially, however try to follow on this order to have a success recovery.
  • Install a new server with same Name, OS and patch level.

  • Perform the DAG removal steps, otherwise setup will fail (Exchange server is a member of a database availability group.)
Note - There are 2 scenarios, one is when we decide to recover a live server and other is recovering a crashed server. So if the server which is planned to be recovered in online, perform the DAG removal steps before you shut this server down to ensure successful removal without any errors. I have taken the situation that the server is offline and can not be bought online to do the DAG cleanup (configuration only removal).
    • Remove all database copies on the failed server (it may give a warning, if the server is offline but it can be safely ignored)
    • Remove the failed server from DAG configuration
  • Reset the computer account from ADUC Console(failed exchange server/ the server planned to reinstall),

  • Assign the same IP as like the failed server(including replication), and join to the domain

  • Install the pre-requisites for exchange installation.

  • Create Same structure of drives/mount points on the new server, this is for the database copy creations etc.

  • Initiate the recovery mode installation by running the below command from installation directory on command prompt (sometimes ASP and ISAPI feature error may through during the pre-check, ensure these features are installed to the recovery server),
    • Setup /m:RecoverServer
  • You will need to restart the server after the successful installation of the server.

Once the server is restarted, you can add it back to the DAG membership and create the database copeis, which I have explained in the next sction.

Add the server back to DAG membership

This operation may fail if the server is still in the cluster configuration,So you may have to evict the node from Failover Cluster Manager (shown below)


Add database copy to the recovered server and let it finish the initial seeding.


You are almost all done.  Also ensure that you redo all the customized settings for your infrastructure.

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