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You should know these truths about CAS Array Object

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It is very important to know few very important details/truths about the CAS Array object during the planning phase of an Exchange 2010 Infrastructure.Recently Brian Day written couple of very nice blog on this, in which he has explained about it very clearly.

The articles mainly focused on the answers for below points (truth about a CAS Array),

A CAS array,

  1. does not load balance your traffic
  2. does not service Autodiscover, OWA, ECP, EWS, IMAP, POP, or SMTP
  3. fqdn does not need to be part of your SSL certificate
  4. should not be resolvable via DNS by external clients
  5. should not be configured or changed after creating Exchange 2010 mailbox databases and moving mailboxes into the databases
  6. should be configured even if you only have one CAS or a single multi-role server.

I strongly recommend you to read both his posts to understand why the above statements, explained the truths in a very simple and interesting way...

Demystifying the CAS Array Object - Part 1

Demystifying the CAS Array Object - Part 2


Happy Reading... :)


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