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Outlook Web App Mini (OWA Mini) or OMA, Exchange 2010 SP2

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The mini version of Outlook Web App is designed for using in simple HTML compactible browsers. This version will help mainly the users who were accessing the OWA using their mobile browsers. This feature was available in Exchange 2003 server, and it is good to see this again. The MINI OWA (OMA) gets enabled automatically once you install the Service Pack 2 on the CAS servers.

Append /OMA to the existing Outlook Web App URL,


Once logged in the OMA (mini Outlook Web App) will look like below,


You can browse through the folders and compose emails and almost all functionalities. Use Find Someone to check your GAL information, Contacts is the same as Outlook Contacts and so on. It is quite straight forward; hence browse through each option to know more.

To enable/disable this feature to the end users, you may control the Feature Outlook Web App. If you enable OWA feature in user mailbox the OMA feature also gets activated automatically.

What I did not see is the log off button, so you may close directly. As Microsoft warns, you should change the password immediately if you loss the mobile device.


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