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Confused the syntax of Exchange Shell Commands, here you go

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You must be thinking do we get to see help and example for an Exchange Power Shell command. Yes, exchange 2010 gives more visibility to the commands and the usage of it. Let us now cover briefly on how to get help of any command that is at your interest. Get-help and Get-Command are the cmdlets used in Exchange 2010 Management Shell to view the help topics about exchange 2010 shell commands.

If you wanted to view the help/syntax about any cmdlet in Exchange 2010 you can use the Get-Help command, for example below combination will give the help topics about the command New-Mailbox
Get-Help New-Mailbox

If you wish to see some examples on New-Mailbox cmdlet, you can append the –example parameter to the above command.
Get-Help New-Mailbox –examples

Now for instance we may want to see the list of exchange commands which has some criteria. For example, let us see how to view the list of exchange cmdlets which contains ‘Mailbox’ in it. We can use the command Get-Excommand for generating this list.

Get-Excommand *mailbox*

You may also see help cmdlet Get-command to view the list of cmdlets in Shell.

This is not all about the help commands in Powershell, but this will be a great start to use Exchange Management Shell to administer your exchange environment. Write to me your experience on Exchange Management Shell after reading this.


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