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Exchange 2010 DAG Replication - Port Awareness

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The default replication port used by the Exchange 2010 DAG is 64327. Most of us know that in Exchange 2007 it uses the port 445 for log shipping, over SMB.

You also have flexibility to change the port no used in Exchange 2010 DAG replication. To change the DAG replication port number, please follow the steps below.

Execute the cmdlet  Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup from the Exchange Management Shell, by specifying the new port number.

Syntax: - Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup -Identity DAGID –ReplicationPort

You can specify any number between 1 and 65535 as the port number. You may also have to modify your Windows firewall to allow the DAG replication port, if not you will face issues. If you plan to modify the port no, please do plan the firewall rules to avoid any outage.

Know your exchange 2010 ports, see more Exchange Network Port Reference


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