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DisconnectedAndResynchronizing Mailbox Database Copy Status – During Failover

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Couple of times in the past, I observed this behavior that the database copy status turns to DisconnectedAndResynchronizing from DisconnectedAndHealthy after removing the activation restriction.


This situation arise because, the copy try to replay the recent logs from other nodes. If your database copy could not find any copy to copy the pending logs, the status would stay the same for longer period.


If you wish to have 2 DAG cluster with one of the cluster node as DR instance, then it is not a good idea to keep the ActivationSuspended parameter to true. Following are the approach you should consider to ensure a seamless recovery in case of a failover.

Option 1:

      1. Disable the ActivationSuspended value in the second node

      2. The database would failover immediately in the event of a node failure.

Option 2:

      1. Enable the ActivationSuspended value in the DR node

      2. In the event of active node failure, follow the DR procedure to evict the failed node prior to release the Activation suspension

It is recommended that, activation suspension can be released either when the nodes are available or after evicting failed nodes from the DAG cluster.


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