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OWA Login Without Domain Name

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This is one of the much talked about subjects in earlier version of exchange. Now with Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 you can achieve it easily. Follow the below simple steps to configure OWA authentication to use only "Username" and "Password", instead of using "Domain\user name" and "password"(default setting).

Let us have a look at how the Outlook Web App Login page before we do any modification.

OWA Login With Domain

Complete the below steps to configure OWA login without domain.

1. Open EMC(Exchange Management Console)


2. Navigate to Server Configuration > Client Access
3. Click on the CAS Server and go to the properties of owa(Default Website).
4. Click on Authentication tab of OWA website properties.
5. Modify the settings for Use form-based authentication: from Domain\user name to User   name only  option as shown below

OWA Website Authenticatin Tab Settting
6. Apply the changes. Exchange will show you a warning message to reset IIS, click on OK and exit the window
7. Open command prompt and run the command IISRESET /noforce(Use IISRESET if the /noforce fails).

Now open you Outlook Web App login page again, you can see it only asks for User name not the domain.

OWA Login Without Domain Name

Very easy, implement it and relax. You can use the same settings for Exchange 2007 as well.


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